World Mental Health Day – 10th October 2019

Thursday 10th October 2019 is world mental health Day.

What does this mean to you individually or in terms of your workplace? I have all my life lived with the”gift” of poor mental health, why gift I hear you cry! Because when you manage to get to the point of realisation that what you have feels like it’s not going to leave, then you’re left with the formidable task of surviving and self management.

This is where I excel I have developed highly my self management skills at understanding my black dog, complex PTSD and being a survivor of historic child abuse. Ultimately being in control of my destiny and always being gracious for what I have.

Not only do I manage well but I find the time to thrive and build my resilience. As you can tell I am itching to tell you my story and how I can help people move forward and realise people with lived experience need to be heard. Look forward to hearing from you soon, please email me