BLH Safety Solutions is a division of the BLH Group. BLH Group have been working within the food processing, mining, offshore, oil and gas, power and energy, transport and infrastructure and other heavy duty industries for over 10 years and in this time have placed safety as a top priority throughout the business.

Over this period BLH has been researching and developing new innovative products to combat the increasing safety issues that appear within Mineral Resources and Construction sectors and other industries across Australia.

As a result BLH Safety Solutions has been formed as a business division of the BLH Group to offer solutions to a wide range of safety issues and concerns.

BLH Safety Solutions now proudly present BLH Safety Barricading, BLH Stop Drop Safety Barricading System, and BLH Guarding Systems to the market, and also BLH Engineered Safety Solutions which offer the complete solution to a wide range of safety requirements from tailor made guarding to new design of innovative products to fulfil a client’s requirement.

Our mission is to provide global industry Safety Solutions to minimise risk across all industry sectors through innovative safety products, services, designs and solutions.

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