Are you frustrated with safety? You put in so much time and effort yet someone still gets hurt?

If you want to get a different result, then without question, you have to do something different!
Creating A Positive Culture™ with the Safety Coach will help you to achieve improved health & safety within the your work environment.

If you want things to change, then you need to change!

So, what is needed?

Quite simply, a Paradigm shift is what is required, a completely new way of looking at safety. The Safety Coach focuses on Creating a Positive Culture™. We give clear, concise ideas and tools on how to achieve your targets. We don’t even believe in training, we believe in mentoring a ‘Culture of Leadership™’ and how to change the game completely.

We will help develop strategies that will improve safety, reduce employee sick days and lead to better profitability for your business

Aligning your business culture with your goals will help raise performance levels and safety within your organisation

If you want better answers, ask better questions!

Our behavioural ideas always cause a stir. Over the last 2 decades, The Safety Coach have successfully improved health & safety records by a minimum of 52% and in some cases over 70% and all with a consistent change in focus. And that is just the results from the HSE department. In addition, in every case, production went up, sick days went down, profit increased and the general morale was noted as being significantly better.

The Safety Coach Academy will:

  • Build a culture where team members buy-in to your vision
  • Create distinction between you and your competitors
  • Effectively guide people through change & uncertainty
  • Learn key factors for building trust and relationships
  • Develop strategies for creating greater accountability

“A refreshingly different approach to Health & Safety. Not just your average paper work exercise. A truly engaging experience designed to encourage positivity in the work place. Results that will improve production over a long period of time.”


The Safety Coach Academy will work with your employees to develop key skills, a positive mental attitude and therefore improved productivity.
Know Your Outcome

Know Your Outcome

Compelling Vision

Create a Compelling Vision

Leading The Way

Leading the Way

The Challenge Ahead

The Challenge Ahead

Putting It In Order

Putting it in Order

Creating Sustainability

Creating Sustainability

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