Build, Buzz, Bake bootcamp on April 19th and 20th

Once upon a time, there was an ambitious and people-focused health and safety leader who managed to start their own cross-company domino effect of engagement in health and safety in just two days? How on earth did they do it?

On 19th and 20th April 2023 in London, 12 senior health and safety leaders will be getting together for a ‘first of its kind’ personal development opportunity.

In fact, it’s more than a personal development opportunity, because the design ensures that progress starts to happen from the very first few minutes together.

Individually, and together, the bootcampers will be using the Build, Buzz, Bake® formula for turbocharging employee engagement in health, safety, and wellbeing in their own companies.

They’ll be coached to do so by Karen J. Hewitt, creator of the Build, Buzz, Bake® formula which features in her award-winning and Amazon no. 1 bestselling book, ‘People Power – Transform your Business in the Era of Safety and Wellbeing’

The book condenses 12 years of Karen’s own experience creating company-wide engagement in health, safety and wellbeing.

Every participant will come away from the Build, Buzz, Bootcamp with their own 12-month plan to make this happen, and will have already started to implement it.

They will be discovering the secret processes, techniques and influencing skills behind the success of the Build, Buzz, Bake® formula that will make their efforts stick. 

And they will benefit from the collective brain power of the group and a network to hold them accountable, because there are 3 free group coaching calls as part of this offer.

And finally, if any one gets stuck trying to get their plan adopted once they get back into their day job, we’ve created an online portal of templates to help them sell it internally – again, offered free only as part of this Bootcamp.

In essence, they will be setting up and launching their own unique domino effect for engagement in health, safety and wellbeing, where the secret ingredients are focus, alignment and momentum.

Think strategic thinking. Think communication skills. Think Transformational Leadership. Think influence.

Sample topics covered will include:

  • Creating a long-term and inspiring vision
  • Selling your plan to senior management
  • Transformational leadership and how to role model this as a Health and Safety team
  • How to measure engagement in health and safety
  • How to find the touchpoints that influence the organisation
  • Formalising storytelling as a tool to change behaviour
  • Confidence, psychological safety and creating a speakup culture

Sound interesting?  Want to be one of the 12 pioneers?

Get in touch now to get one of the few remaining places.

More spaces coming in September, and opportunities to run your own Build, Buzz, Bake® bootcamp in-house.

For more information, email