Contractor Compliance- Streamline Your Contractor Safety & Compliance Process

Contractor Compliance is a cloud based contractor management software that empowers organizations to quickly and easily collect, track and manage third-party contractor and vendor compliance requirements. Contractor Compliance helps safety teams in highly regulated industries modernize their current manual processes with a software solution that automates and streamlines crucial administrative tasks. Not only does this solution eliminate the burden of admin and improve operational efficiency, but it also reduces risk and promotes contractor safety by providing real-time compliance feedback. You can access all of your contractor compliance information instantly from any device, anywhere and at any time.

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Benefits of Using Contractor Compliance

Monitor & Approve Contractors: Improve compliance by managing requirements and tasks in real time.

Ease of Use: Intuitive user interface on desktop and mobile devices.

Fully Configurable: You set the requirements by Contractor role, site, etc.

Simple Communication: Send notices, reminders and requests directly from the platform.

All In One Place: Easy Access to all your information without messy spreadsheets and folders.

Automated Requalification: Proactive notifications to contractors save time

Product Features

Automate Workflows

Manage each contractor relationship to reflect your business rules. Whether you treat all contractors alike, or have a dynamic process that requires contractors to complete different requirements based on factors such as geography, scope of work, frequency of visit, proprietary risk assessment, etc. With Contractor Compliance automated workflows, you can have confidence that contractors are completing the tasks you need them to.

Collect Submissions

Collect a variety of submission types in real time to ensure expedited compliance. By enabling your contractors to complete requirements from any device via web/native iOS or Android apps, contractors can easily upload documents, acknowledge policies, watch orientation videos, complete assessments, and even fill out forms to fulfill compliance obligations. Get contractors compliant in minutes, not weeks.

Manage Access

Share real time compliance metrics with key stakeholders of the business. Department/user permissions enable the business to utilize Contractor Compliance data before making decisions on who to invite on site. Leverage Contractor Compliance’s custom integrations to ensure that key contractor data is accessible in any and all of your key systems such as visitor management software (VMS), scheduling software, project management software (PMS), etc. **Contact sales for more information on integration costs.


Pass compliance audits with Contractor Compliance’s auditing solution. Through Contractor Compliance, all contractor submissions are version controlled, logged, and available when you need them. Whether it’s through real time dashboards or exportable reports, trust Contractor Compliance to have the data that you need.


Use Contractor Compliance to log expiry dates on all contractor submissions. Contractor Compliance’s notifications will ensure your contractors are reminded to resubmit information that is expiring or required for you to re-certify. Through Contractor Compliance’s requalification solution, reduce your contractor outreach by more than 70%.

Worker Management

It’s not just about the contracted companies you use, it’s also about their staff. Use Contractor Compliance to automate workflows around individual worker tasks such as certification collection, orientation video distribution, etc. Ensure that all third party workers are compliant before they show up on site, not after.

Contractor Scoring

Manage contractor relationships over the course of their use directly within Contractor Compliance. Build out your own proprietary contractor management scorecard to assess contractors on what matters to you, such as quality of work, adherence to policies and procedures, commitment to safety, etc. Store all the info you need on your contractor relationships in one place

Recent Awards 

Customer Reviews

“This software has made it significantly easier to manage required documentation that is being submitted by contractors. The ability to approve or reject documents has been absolutely amazing in giving contractors feedback in real time.”

EHS Specialist in Manufacturing


“Signing up was easy and effortless. The software has allowed us to streamline all of our contractor health and safety documentation into one platform.. at no cost! Our only regret is not having partnered with Contractor Compliance sooner!”

Health & Safety Leader in Food Processing


” Contractor Compliance allows us to effectively manage our contractor safety program. Contractor Compliance works closing with us to develop an effective contractor management tool that meets our specific regulatory and risk management needs. Contractor Compliance is very responsive and helpful. Contractor Compliance is continually offering workable solutions to address our unique challenges.”

Director of EHS, Food Production

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