Facility Management Special edition E-Magazine

In May we will be publishing and promoting a special edition of our Salus e-magazine focusing on Facility Management. Subjects will include Software, EHS, Compliance, Health & Safety, Building security, Air Filtration, Fire Safety and Preventative maintenance.

Our Salus e-magazine is one of many free resources we provide our 450,000 members with so they can carry out their duties and keep people safe. Featuring in one of our publications is a great to way to promote your brand, goods and services, not only does it go out to so many professionals, but we also promote it across our vast social media platforms. We use our LinkedIn groups and company page to interact with over 225,000 professionals including Recommended Posts, bulletins and more.

Our digital e-magazines go into the email inbox of over 120,000 HSE professionals. Featuring in them is a great opportunity to share your expertise and insight while also generating potential leads, sharing your company contact details and raising your brand awareness.

Features start from just £999 ~ €1,150 ~ $1,350 and are limited. To find out more get in touch – 


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