How to Improve your RAMS & Support your ISO certification?

There aren’t many silver linings to COVID, however, your transition to ISO 45001 has struck gold. The deadline for OHSAS 18001 transition has been extended until 11th September 2021

ISO 45001 provides a useful framework for a health & safety management system (SMS). It aims to manage H&S risks whilst reducing costs and potential incidents. But how can you continuously improve your systems?

Risk assessment and method statement (RAMS) software is a perfect fit to help manage H&S risks whilst embracing technology. Here are 5 reasons why digital RAMS will support your 45001; whether you are gaining your first certification, transitioning from 18001 or a veteran with systems already.

Leadership 🙋

C-suite must show commitment by making safety resources available. RAMS software will allow your workforce to integrate H&S practices into your business. It helps communicate risks better across the workforce using features like multiple users.

A RICS survey confirmed that 72% of construction businesses are putting digitalisation as a priority for 2021. Leaders will want to stay ahead of the curve and remain at a competitive advantage. Using software shows investment and will make H&S strategies easier to implement as you have a tool at hand to facilitate your goals. 

Planning 📖

The first structure of ISO 45001 is Plan (do, check, act). RAMS software is a planning tool, so you can address and manage risk for all persons. The software lets you plan other factors into your RAMS such as legal requirements and emergency plans which ISO 45001 recognises. 

RAMS software is an opportunity to improve your H&S planning. The quality of RAMS rises through adopting a robust, consistent and holistic approach to risk management. It also encourages better collaboration, so people can write, consult and authorise RAMS together. For those worried about planning and implementation costs, see how much you could save here

Support 🤝

Another purpose of ISO 45001 is to support people. Digital RAMS support people by increasing hazard identification skills. A centralised library of RAMS means no one is starting with a blank document and can share content and lessons learnt for future projects.

RAMS software also supports stakeholders with open communication and confidence. Safety documents can be sent directly to anyone that needs it (e.g. clients) and the sign off sheet retains evidence that workers have read and understood the RAMS.

Operations 🚜

ISO 45001 states operations must manage their H&S risks. RAMS software can help by checking RAMS quickly with formal sign off. A consistent workflow and version control provides a robust RAMS process and allows people to focus on site specific arrangements.

Good RAMS software will contain an API function, so any important software your business already uses can talk together. Software should be seen as an enabler, providing evidence within audits that RAMS are used and communicated throughout the business.

Performance evaluation 📊

Monitoring performance and driving improvement is crucial within ISO 45001. A risk register  allows you to track the quality of risk assessments, controlling the content and reviewing when necessary. HandsHQ lets you complete ‘e-auditing’ by sampling RAMS to check they are being made site specific.

The ease of safety software prompts SMART objectives. You know RAMS are crucial to H&S management. Rather than try to make a new H&S metric, use RAMS compliance as a performance measure and remotely monitor the compliance of the process whilst identifying opportunities for improvement.


RAMS remain a critical component of ISO 45001. And it makes business sense to invest in technology to integrate your safety practices; many have welcomed it during lockdown shown in these case studies. We feel at HandsHQ that digital solutions show continuous improvement within the industry, a key driver in ISO 45001. 

But safety software supports more than ISO 45001; it also shows innovation for your other initiatives such as SSIP’s (CHAS, Safe Contractor etc), Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) and IIRSM have introduced a safety tech category within their annual awards. 

With the end of lockdowns in sight, now could be a perfect time to take the plunge into safety software and enjoy the benefits it brings.

What is HandsHQ?

HandsHQ is a software company who has a solution for your RAMS. Working with 1,500 clients from construction, engineering and more, the system is designed with users in mind to make safety accessible whilst remaining compliant. Sign up to our live demo webinar on Wednesday 31st March 2021 and see how you can improve your RAMS.