HSE People Panel – Brendon Ireland – Food Safety

From a very early age Brendon Ireland had the ambition of working as a chef in the fine dining world. And turning 14 he started his ambition as an apprentice chef, and what followed was 10 years of progressing his culinary skills working in a variety of food environments, from microwaved pub meals up to Michelin star restaurants.

At 25 he began working self employed, offering advice and solutions to food businesses problems. Naturally food safety became a part of his business, and after enrolling on advanced food safety courses he took to it like ‘a duck to water’. From there Brendon’s food safety interest excelled from a general knowledge subject to an unhealthy obsession where the rabbit hole never ends and just gets deeper with every new thing you learn.

Fast forward a couple of years, and his enthusiasm in food safety paired with the discipline learnt as a chef allows him to help over 80 businesses achieve and maintain a 5 on their food hygiene rating promoting a perfect record. A record that he has now maintained for 5 years with over 200 individual businesses.

Moving to the present,  Brendon is now established as a food safety trainer ensuring to offer the very best training whilst also working closely with businesses to maintain standards or looking at gaining SALSA accreditation. Recently he also began leading a monthly virtual food safety discussion group where they learn about new things in the food safety world, and also have a nominated subject of discussion.

If you would like to ask Brendon a question relating to food safety email info@hsepeople.com.