SOCOTEC UK Carry out RIBA Stage 4 Fire Strategy Report on Secure School

SOCOTEC UK played a key role in a refurbishment project at a secure school catering to students sentenced to custody and remand by the courts. The school premises include two education blocks, one services block, and three residential blocks.

SOCOTEC UK’s specific focus was on the residential blocks, namely Blocks A, B, and C, two-story existing buildings providing secure residential accommodation and day facilities. The Fire Engineering team at SOCOTEC UK produced the RIBA Stage 4 Fire Strategy Report and mark-ups, offering ad-hoc support throughout the project.

Refurbishment adjustments included modifications to existing compartment lines to accommodate communal or shared spaces. For instance, communal kitchen/living spaces were created by incorporating multiple bedrooms, fostering a shared living environment. Each bedroom was equipped with automatic suppression systems, and common corridors were covered by a smoke control system. Innovative solutions were imperative to integrate life safety systems within the constraints of existing buildings and meet specific security requirements outlined by the client.

Operating as a hybrid between a boarding school and a secure/custodial facility, the secure school’s unique nature required a thorough understanding of the client’s security requirements. SOCOTEC UK’s expertise enabled them to develop creative solutions to address challenges uncommon in traditional schools or secure facilities.

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