Staff at Glasgow Music Venue Stage 48-hour Walkout

Members of staff at a popular Glasgow music venue are striking for 48 hours amid an ongoing dispute over pay and safety concerns.

Employees at the 13th Note will walk out on Friday, and then again every weekend until 6 August.

The workers hope to secure better wages, improvements to health and safety and trade union recognition.

Unite the union said it represented 95% of staff at the venue and all of their members backed the strike.

Unite’s lead representative at the 13th Note, Nick Troy said “improvements to wages, health and safety, as well as union recognition” are the only way this “rift” will be sorted.

Mr Troy added: “This action is a reflection of our determination to ensure fair treatment.

“The continuation of the strike action beyond this weekend is not inevitable if the concerns and demands of the workforce are resolved. Unite remains hopeful that talks at ACAS could avert further action.”

Staff held a demonstration inside and outside the venue in May, demanding a response to their grievances.

Kitchen employees also walked out amid fears they could be seriously hurt by faulty equipment.

The venue was temporarily closed by Glasgow City Council environmental health officers after “mouse droppings were found throughout the food premises”.

Owner Jacqueline Fennessy denied there were health and safety issues at the venue and said that staff were being paid above the living wage.

Ms Fennessy previously told BBC Scotland: “Any issues raised by [environmental health] were dealt with immediately and we were authorised to reopen within 72 hours.

“All staff have had a pay increase and are being paid above the living wage.”

Unite general secretary, Sharon Graham praised the “strength” of staff for taking part in “one of the first bar workers’ strikes in over 20 years”.

Ms Graham said: “These workers deserve credit for standing up for their rights in an industry that is riding roughshod over staff. Unite will back them 100 per cent in their demands for better pay and safer working conditions.”

The 13th Note has been contacted for comment.

Source: BBC News