What if your life is at Steak?


What has Steak got to do with it?

It’s Monday morning, the rain is knocking at your window and your 4am alarm is rudely reminding you that it’s time to get up. Another long week awaits you, lifting tubes, erecting scaffolding, and staying away from Dave’s out-of-tune singing on site (we all know a Dave on site!).

As you devour a bacon butty, the sauce dripping onto your Cargo Trousers, your eyes turn to the faded harness and fraying lanyard next to you. They have lasted a good number of years but are probably due for retirement.

It was only last week that Jack had a fall from height on site, his Lanyard the only thing keeping Jess’s Father alive and breathing. Just thinking about what could have been, sways your mind that you probably shouldn’t risk it. It was time to find a new loyal harness and lanyard. But how do you choose the right one?

That’s where BIGBEN can help.

For over 100 years we have been serving the industry and helping people just like you find the perfect safety solutions. There are countless harnesses and lanyards available on the market and it can be confusing to know what the differences are.

You can get a bargain cut from a budget supermarket and no matter how much you flex your Gordon Ramsay skills, the steak will still be chewy, gristly and a little bit of a let down. You could also choose a decent cut from a reputable shop and you might have a little satisfaction for the first few mouthfuls, but when only the meaty juices are left on your plate – you’re not overly satisfied. It could have been better.

Now imagine that you have just popped down to the local butcher and grabbed a beautiful, prime cut of steak. Whacked it in a hot pan, cooked it to perfection and it melts like butter in your mouth. Every bite brings you joy and satisfaction.

That is how people feel when they use a BIGBEN harness & lanyard. Comfortable, safe, happy and satisfied.

Say Hello to BIGGUY – The New Range from BIGBEN

Did you know that most harnesses and lanyards on the market are only certified for users up to 100kg. Now, think of how heavy you are – plus the extra weight of your safety boots, uniform, helmet, belt, tools, jacket etc.

When we spoke to scaffolders across the UK, we discovered that many people were actually over that 100kg limit. This means you might be using equipment that is not certified to protect you. A scary thought!

BIGBEN has been working with industry experts to develop a new range to address this issue. Exclusive to Leach’s, the new BIGGUY range features a selection of equipment that is fast becoming new favourites on sites across the UK.

The BIGGUY Harness is fully certified for users up to 160kg and the new BIGGUY Fall Arrest Lanyard is the World’s only certified 2m lanyard for users up to 150kg! The innovative design gives you the quality and comfort that is associated with BIGBEN, but with the added security and peace of mind that it is certified for your total weight.

Each BIGGUY lanyard is available in either 1.5 meters, 1.75 meters or 2 meters and you can choose from our traditional webbing design or our brand new, unique bungee design.

Height Safety Equipment you can Trust

We take safety seriously and our commitment to joining the Registered Safety Supplier Scheme by BSIF shows this. The British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) is the UK’s leading trade body within the safety industry. Their aim is to provide support and guidance on a wide range of safety issues. They also help to keep organisations accountable.

We have seen so many products listed on the market that claim to be certified or claim to meet certain standards – but have failed when put to the test.

We are talking about your life and it is vital that you choose equipment that you can fully trust. You don’t want to put your entire future into the hands of something that might not be safe, just to save a few pennies.

Here to Help You

We are proud to be known for being solutions-oriented and customer driven. That means we don’t sell products…we solve problems. Our team focuses all their efforts on ensuring a customer can complete their work to the highest standard and in the safest manner possible.

You can call our team Monday-Friday on 01432 346 800 and our experts will be able to help guide you in the right direction.

You can also visit our website, www.leachs.com, for exclusive deals, loyalty points (free iPads, Coffee Machines & More can be redeemed!) and our new Harness Kit Builder – allowing you to create a personal, customised kit perfect for your unique situation.