HSE People Panel – Jonathan Dempsey – Risk

The HSE People Panel is made up of specialists across different areas who have volunteered to share their insight and experience with the HSE People network

Jonathan Dempsey MBA is a prominent and exciting figure in the world of risk and safety and one of our Global Top 10 Safety Influencers of 2020.

He is an MBA graduate, Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner, Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner, Fellow member of IIRSM and member of the Global ICA Panel of thought leaders for the International Compliance Association.

In Spring 2020, Jonathan founded Red Laces consultancy to help businesses solve compliance-related problems and develop their risk management capability, strategically. The consultancy is a finalist in the IIRSM Risk Excellence Awards 2021 and West Midlands Leadership Awards 2021.

Jonathan creates novel social media content on all major channels to communicate a broad range of business issues including #mentalhealth awareness and #womeninbusiness campaigns. He is passionate about promoting learning and growth for #GenZ, rising stars and has mentored several IOSH Future Leaders. In 2021, he established the home of risk and safety on the new #Clubhouse app. This includes weekly #womeninsafety and #futureofsafety sessions, providing a new platform to bringing people together from across the world. 

Jonathan began his career as an Environmental Health Officer, mentoring businesses and regulating food hygiene, workplace safety and environmental law. He then undertook multidisciplinary senior leadership roles with market leaders across hotel and leisure, transport and logistics, bioscience research and horticulture and student accommodation.

His roles have included being Head of Safeguarding (child protection), managing unsealed radioisotopes, delivering a multimillion pound refurbishment programme, wildlife management, renewable energy and more.

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